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Custom Digital Hearing Protection

Custom Hearing Protection for Sport Shooters and Hunters

Custom hearing protection requires an in-person appointment at one of our Central Texas hearing clinic locations. Call the location closest to you to set up a time for a hearing protection consultation with one of our hearing professionals and ear mold impressions to be sent to our partner lab where your custom digital earplugs will be made. Choose from a variety of colors and performance levels for an exceptional personalized hearing protection experience.


For today’s avid hunter and sportsman who wants the best hearing protection while also gaining situational awareness.

Estes Audiology is proud to be a distributor for Westone DefendEar Digital electronic shooter plugs.

These products are designed for hunters and shooters who want amplification as well as hearing protection. Advanced digital technology allows for environmental awareness while simultaneously protecting your hearing from gun blasts. Available in custom-fit in-the-ear models for ultimate comfort.

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