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Referral Program: Share the Gift of Healthy Hearing

Starting out on the path to better hearing can be rewarding in many ways.
Our Referral Program helps you take those first steps or pass the word to
those in need of top hearing healthcare

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I am being referred
by friends/family

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I want to refer a friend
or family member

We pride ourselves on our patient-centered care in our hearing clinics. Your recommendation is one of the best compliments you can give us!

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A gift card for them, a gift card for you.

First off, thank you for your recommendation! By providing top-rated hearing healthcare from a highly-trained, professional staff, word gets around fast that we’re the first choice when it comes to hearing care. We appreciate your recommendation and as a thank you, we are happy to gift you a $25 gift card to you for your recommendation and an additional $25 to your friends or family for trying us out. Have more friends/family? We have more gift cards - there is no limit! Choose from a wide variety of gift cards including Target, Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, and more.

gift cards for hearing health services in TX and LA
estes audiology gift cards for hearing aids in TX or LA
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